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Experiential Adventure,
Come Wander.


These maps highlight themed travel routes throughout Ontario’s Highlands and southeastern Ontario of authentic experiential tours that connect and share an incredible story about Canada. The Map’s Legend feature icons representative of key offerings: the Canadian canoe (two crossed paddles), sugar maple (maple leaf) and geology based (rock hammer) tours and to explore Samuel de Champlain’s journey, an astrolabe and ‘WILDS’ of Ontario’s Highlands, follow the wolf paw print. Routes are colour coded, red for The Canadian Canoe Route, purple for Wonders of our Earth, orange for Fall Colour Backroads, green for Sugar Maple Trail, blue for Town & Country, pink for Snow Country Fun, green & blue for Route Champlain and gold for ‘WILDS’ of Ontario’s Highlands. 


Each route easily connects with the main gateways of Ontario – Toronto and Ottawa - the Nation’s capital, with routes operable west to east or east to west. Ontario Parks listing of provincial parks found in and around Ontario’s Highlands are numerically identified for Motorhome, Fly Drive, Self Drive and day visitation. For chartered transportation, several companies provide mini-bus and coach services with pick-up and drop-offs throughout the province. Recommended accommodations are listed directly by geographical location.


Let Ontario’s Highlands trade-ready routes create new sales opportunities to help build your Eastern Canada tour programs.


We give thanks to Spirit. We acknowledge all Indigenous Peoples and are grateful for their stewardship of the land and beyond from time immemorial. We are called to treat this land, its waterways, minerals, plants, animals, its Peoples, their stories and traditions, with honour and respect. All my relations.


Billions of years ago, the region of Ontario’s Highlands was a geological landscape that featured mountains taller than the Rockies, but, after four glaciation periods and great upheaval, Ontario’s Highlands was literally left with a treasure chest of gifts – the scenic Canadian Shield with its bounty of freshwater lakes, rivers cascading through its valleys, stands of maple forests covering the rolling hills and gems to be found on the earth’s surface. Come wander with us on an incredible journey.


Ontario’s Highlands, nestled between Ontario’s two major city centres and international gateways, Toronto and Ottawa, Canada’s Capital, is situated just 1.5 hours northeast of Toronto, 30 minutes west of Ottawa and 1 hour north of Kingston. Ontario’s Highlands and its county partners comprise a region three times the size of Algonquin Provincial Park as it wraps around the east, south and south-western boundary of the park. Highway # 60, the major thoroughfare thru Ontario’s Highlands northern region easily connects to the Park’s entrance via the East Gate and Highway # 7 meanders across the southern boundary through the eco-tone of the Land Between, where the Canadian Shield interfaces with the St. Lawrence Lowlands providing habitat for the greatest biodiversity of wildlife in Canada.  


Ontario’s Highlands geography showcases the natural assets of: County of Haliburton, Hastings County, Kawartha Lakes, Lanark County, Northumberland County, Ottawa Valley, Peterborough and the Kawarthas and 18 Ontario Provincial Parks.


A premier travel destination renowned for it’s self-drive, fly-drive and motorhome cruising, we offer your clientele unique, tailor-crafted four-season outdoor and cultural adventures featuring quaint towns, artisan’s havens, sustainable farm to table culinary cuisine, open-air musical performances and gracious, warm hospitality with guided or self-guided rural life experiential routes and tour offerings. Your clients can easily venture off the beaten path into the wilderness via canoe, bike, hike, ski, snowshoe or sled, collect their very own gem as a keepsake from Canada, engage in making their own maple delight or simply embrace the benefits of our natural wonders. Here at Ontario’s Highlands, we invite our guests to discover their inner wanderer, the little voice in all of us that tells us to follow our own path and to trust in ourselves.

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Our great partners are champions of Ontario’s Highlands tourism offerings. A mix of both public-private sectors, the partners collective vision is to work with and support the travel trade industry, to host and deliver authentic Canadian experiences, provide quality, reliable service with genuine hospitality for you and your clientele.

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